The interaction between the grain and colour of the wood and the Penrose design results in wooden flooring of lasting value and vibrant beauty. A harmony of flowing movements and fascinating dimensions, sensational down to the last detail. Penrose design is a patented, organic design which was created by us and is named after Sir Roger Penrose, the discoverer of asymmetric crystalline structures and brilliant mathematician who was fascinated by rotation symmetries. See for yourself how uniquely beautiful a wooden floor can be.


All Penrose floors consist of 4 – 8 mm solid wood on distortion-proof, tear-proof fibreglass fleece or on a multilayer carrier board. The intricately shaped parquet pattern elements are handpicked, precisely laser-cut and delivered in practical packs ready to be laid by specialist firms according to our instructions. Our precious woods in many different variations are FSC certified. We use only tested environmentally friendly materials from production through to the finish with natural oils and waxes.


The stunning beauty of the Penrose design can be displayed to perfection in any room. Due to precise laser technology the size of the pattern elements can be chosen individually to suit room size and personal taste. We are glad to offer the help of our specialist laying team for the more complicated design variations »penrose« and »penrose round«, and are of course available at any time for customer advice »on the spot«. PenRose wooden flooring is also ideal for heavily frequented rooms such as hotel foyers or for yachts.

Showroom concept

Showroom concept
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